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Empower your school with a groundbreaking video series designed to proactively reduce social media incidents

Start today! Receive powerful training for students, parents and faculty  they can watch anytime, anywhere on any device.

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Go beyond providing insight and education
  • Provide tools and resources
  • Reduce cyber-bullying, sexting, social network and vaping incidents
  • Best practices for in school and at home technology use
  • Dramatically transform your school  

"I'm so thankful my school found this program, it showed me how to ask for help"
-H.S. Student

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SRO's, are you wondering what should be in your internet safety presentations?
Don't reinvent the wheel.
Let us do it for you!

"We now have a 24/7 resource to look to when a problem arises.  Having this tool at hand has been invaluable."

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Empower students to safely navigate their online lives.

Limit their exposure to poor choices.


Learn proven best practices.

Videos can be assigned as homework, played in class or used as a vital resource for students who may be suffering in silence as a result of cyber-bullying or sextortion.


Supplied as a versatile E-Learning Curriculum with digital worksheets students can print out at school or from home.

"I had no idea how to guide my child's phone use, this was eye opening and amazing"
-Middle School Parent


For parents and guardians raising children of all ages.  


Focused on breaking down the technological walls that today’s children live behind.


This series outlines best practices and proactive measures families can take to keep children on the right path and protect their digital footprint. 


Videos delivered in English and Spanish.

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"This program has provided our staff piece of mind, in todays world of Sexting and TikTok that is hard to come by.
 -H.S. School 

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Faculty and SRO's

Instructs Faculty how to respond when a child discloses Sexting, Sexual Abuse, Sextortion and Cyber-Bullying incidents.  


This series educates faculty on the “do’s and don’ts” when it comes to dealing with students on social media and how to address complex situations when they arise.  


These topics will cover mandated reporting, the cyber tip line and guidelines for the personal social network accounts of faculty and staff.

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  • Instruction for grade levels 3 - 12
  • Simple implementation
  • All material for parents and staff are provided, branded with your school logo and information
Student, Parent and Staff Preview
Spanish Parent Preview
Course Topics

Student Series

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • No One Online is Anonymous

  • How to report Cyber Crime

  • Be Careful What You Say Online

  • Tik Tok, lnstagram, Snap Chat and more

  • Dangers of File Sharing and Bit Torrent

  • How Internet Investigations are Conducted

  • Safe and Unsafe Phone Applications

  • Laws that cover Social Media such as Harassment, Cyber-Stalking, Sextortion and False Impersonation

  • How your Digital Footprint will Effect Your Future

  • NEW The Dangers of Vaping

Parent Series

  • Videos cover these topics and more:

  • Basic Technology Rules

  • The Technology Talk

  • Cyber-Bullying

  • Having Vaults and Fake Accounts

  • Tik Tok, Instagram Snap Chat and more

  • Cyber Investigations and Internet Laws

  • Teen Dating and Online Relationships

  • Sextortion

  • Making a Police Report

  • Gaming Online

  • My Child's Cell Phone and Drug Use

  • Asking My Son/Daughter to Take A Drug Test

  • NEW! The Dangers of Vaping Video for parents

Faculty Series

  • Videos cover these topics and more:

  • Student Cyber-Bullying

  • Student Sexting & Sextortion

  • Internet Predators

  • What to do when a Student Discloses

  • How to Handle “Leakage” when Students Disclose Harmful or Violent Tendencies

  • How to Report Cyber Crime

  • Monitoring Options for Parents

  • How Internet Investigations are Conducted

  • Protocols for Faculty’s Private vs. School Sanctioned Social Media

  • Cyber Crime & Mandated Reporting

  • Filing a Cyber-Tip

  • The Dangers of Vaping

In Person & Webinar Training

Call for details courses include:

  • Protocols for handling Cyber-Bullying and Sexting Cases in your school

  • Cyber-Bullying and Sexting Investigations with Appropriate Consequences

  • Identifying and Intercepting School Violence/Shooter Through Cyber-Investigations

"A revolutionary tool with real guidance..  I do not know how we lived without it"
-H.S. School 

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and transform your school today!  

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